About me

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Will Hutchinson and I'm glad you are here. 

I’m a songwriter, singing-guitarist, and avid learner. For the last 8 years my job has been to sing my heart out.  Ever since I can remember, music has been my love language; I find it magical to listen to, watch it be performed, and to be connected to others through it.  When I play music – I see that as  an opportunity to create and share magic with and for others.  When I write and record music – I have a chance to express myself honestly and connect with kindred spirits all over the world. 

During my career I’ve performed a mix of original and cover music at well over 1000 events as a featured performer at festivals, conferences, clubs, and concert series; as well as providing atmosphere via playing background music at private events like weddings, anniversaries, and corporate functions across the USA and everything in between. 

I love what I do and I'm honored to share my music with you. Thanks for stopping by.  Please let me know if you have need of live music or would like to share any feedback on my recorded music!