About me

Hi, my name is Will Hutchinson.  I’m a writer, singer/songwriter, music producer, retired busker, mixing and recording engineer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist.  Over the last five years I’ve performed a mix of original and cover music at over 500 events as a featured performer at festivals, clubs, and concert series, as well as providing atmosphere via playing background music at private events like weddings, anniversaries, and corporate functions across the USA.  

While singing I’ve heard the largest and toughest guy in the bar scream to his friend, “This guy sings like a F$$KIN’ ANGEL!” and on another occasion a sincere, visibly drunk, local farmer stumbled up to tell me, “You are by far, the best amateur I have ever heard!”   

I’ve street performed across Europe and for years on the Promenade in Santa Monica, CA where I saw the real Frodo Baggins walk by the converse store, Conan O’brien slathered in sunscreen tip me a fiver, and my future wife stumble upon me as stranger while I was dressed in bright red suspenders singing motown classics.  I’ve driven 17 hours in one day, won a ticket to Europe by juggling, been kicked out of Navy Pier and Covent Garden, and I’ve held an octopus with my bare hands.   

I’ve never read a recording contract that made sense to me so I’ve remained an independent artist.   The reason I’ve been able to keep playing music and continue to create as much as I have is because of the support of fans/patrons of my art.  I realize that today nobody needs to pay for music they like, rather they choose to support the musicians they love, so thank you! 

Although I am technically a retired busker, tips are not expected but still very much appreciated.