Thank you for thinking of me for your special event! 

I would love the opportunity to play for you and your guests.  If you are interested in a quote, please fill out the "Gig Quote Request" form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  If you'd like to first just check my availability feel free to drop me a line at or get a general idea if I'm already booked for a gig by checking out my calendar which I frequently update.  If you'd like availability AND a quote at the same please fill out the gig request for me below and I'll get back to you on both items as soon as possible.  Also check out FAQ below the form to save time on Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you! 


Click link on right to view full song-list google doc and  more performance samples. 

Gig Quote Request


Q: What is your normal booking window for accepting gigs? 

A: The farthest out I am able to book most events is 8 months from date of inquiry or same calendar year, whichever is longer.  The latest I am able to accept a gig if we do not have a past/current booking relationship is having everything confirmed and any necessary deposits/agreements cleared a minimum of 2 weeks out from the event.  

Q: Are you available for my event on a Holiday?   

A: While I do play regularly on many holidays there are a few that I reserve to spend with my family unless the offer is mind boggling.  The holidays I do my best to never miss with my family are Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and New Year's Eve.  

Q: How many events do you play per year?  

A: Since I started playing music full-time in 2016 I have averaged about 90 gigs per year.   

Q: Can I hire you to play with a full-band?  

A: While I love playing with other musicians and have had bands available in the past.  Right now I do not currently offer full band performances.   It is, however, possible for me to hire an accompanist such as a lead guitarist, upright bassist, or percussionist for some performances based on musician availability and client budget.  Please let me know in the event description if that's something you're interested in. 

Q: How many songs requests do you take at your performances?  

A:  While I know over 300 songs, there are about 500,000 tracks released per year.  If I already know a song I'm happy to play it if it's requested but odds are in favor that I don't know most covers!  I do, however, enjoy getting suggestions of favorite songs if you have one that you think would fit my style and voice well please let me know.   If I really like it, I may add it to my list of my favorite songs that I am always working on.  

Q: How about taking song requests in advance of your performances?  

If you have a special song that is crucial to your event please let me know in advance and I can include that into your quote.  Wedding ceremonies is the only event that I already include learning one new song not in my current repertoire.  Each new song I learn typically takes a few hours to get it to performance quality so this needs to be quoted as an a la carte service outside of normal performance booking.  

Q: Do you have another job outside performing as a singer-guitarist?  

A: While I wear many hats as an entrepreneur, performing is my main source of income and I do not have a "job" outside of music.  One of my longest standing and most consistent performances is every Sunday I play at Neighbors Community (Church) in Lincoln.  As a musician, in addition to my 90 or so public performances per year, I typically work 8-5pm from my office practicing, writing, recording, learning new songs and instruments, and keeping up with business tasks.  When you hire me to perform on the weekend, there is the added benefit of all the hours I spend throughout the week preparing to deliver the best music that I am capable of.  Over time,  with this additional time I am putting in to my craft, I hope it is and has been proved evident the value is there when showtime arrives! 

Q: Do you teach lessons? 

If you are interested in guidance and boatloads of reference and learning resources and would like to schedule a 1x consultation to have you go it on your own please let me know.  I can consult on learning guitar, music business, and songwriting.  If you are more interested in the accountability aspect of having a regularly teacher, you like having someone guide you step-by-step, and give you bite sized chunks I have offered guidance for that as well and we could go that route too.  'Consultations' happen once in a blue moon.  'Lessons' are weekly, paid monthly in advance.  To continue to grow as a musician and have time to focus on performances I am not able to have more than 3 students at a time so availability for students is limited and restricted to students very passionate about learning, and practicing.  Consultations, because of their infrequency, have more availability.